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Recreational Trails

on Minjerribah

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The Story

The project is the planning for the development, upgrade or improvement of recreational trails (such as pedestrian trails or cycle tracks) on Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island).

The Project is an initiative of the Queensland Government under the North Stradbroke Island Economic Transition Strategy. Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation (QYAC) is playing a lead role in the project's delivery along with input from the community, industry and government to develop the Plan.

The objective is to diversify nature-based and adventure-based recreation and support the creation of high value tourism markets by creating unique trail attractions that promote sustainable eco-cultural tourism on Minjerribah.

The trails plan will ensure trails preserve sensitive environmental areas, consider important cultural sites and support the safety and enjoyment of users. This project’s funding extends to the construction of stage 1 of the identified trail plan.

Expected economic benefits:
. Development of new recreational trails that strengthen the island’s market appeal to high value tourism markets.
. Provide employment opportunities during the planning and construction phases.
. Assist in stabilising the year-round economy by offering a new winter eco-cultural tourism product offering.
. Allow for the start-up of new economic ventures such as guided eco-cultural trail based tours.
. New island visitation leading to an increase in local business revenue, increase in employment opportunities, and growth in the regional economy.
Expected social benefits:
. Expand and diversify the island’s nature-based and adventure-based recreation attractions.
. Enhanced visitor experiences and appeal of the island as an eco-cultural tourism destination.
. Broaden the visitor market by attracting a new demographic of visitors.
. Healthy active lifestyle pursuits for residents and visitors.
Expected cultural and environmental benefits:
. Support economic expansion in a culturally and environmentally appropriate manner in keeping with Quandamooka Native Title wishes and aspirations.
. Protect and support the interpretation of sites and landscapes of environmental and cultural significance.

Cultural guided walk
Point Lookout walk

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2017/18 Annual Report